Leaked Subaru product plan confirms new BRZ, WRX, and EV

Subaru will introduce at least 10 new or updated models in the next three years, according to a leaked product plan. Some are performance cars that enthusiasts will undoubtedly love, and one is the firm’s first electric model.

Canadian publication AutoGuide posted the product plan on its Instagram account in August 2020. We don’t know where it comes from, but the first four models it announces have already been unveiled. We’ve seen (and driven) the new variants of the Legacy and the Outback, we’ve checked out the mildly updated Impreza, and we’re looking forward to taking the more powerful Crosstrek for a spin before the end of the year.

2021 will bring Wilderness-badged editions of the Forester and the Outback, though the slide does not reveal what the package will consist of. However, the name suggests Wilderness-badged models will receive an array of off-road-oriented goodies. Whether they’ll be superfluous and cosmetic (like more plastic exterior trim and specific stitching) or truly useful (such as skid plates and a beefier suspension) remains to be seen. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Shortly after, Subaru will introduce the next-generation BRZ, which will again be twinned with the Toyota 86. Recent spy shots (shown above) suggest the coupe will receive a cleaner, sleeker design without significantly growing in size. Industry rumblings claim Subaru will drop a 2.4-liter flat-four in the engine bay, and some insiders believe at least one version of the next BRZ will receive a turbocharger, though we’re taking that rumor with a grain of salt.

Subaru will also give the Forester a mid-cycle update in spring 2021, meaning the crossover will likely arrive in showrooms for the 2022 model year. Fast-forward to the end of the year, and the product plan pencils in the hotly-anticipated next-generation WRX for a fall debut. We know very little about the car, though we expect it will continue to move away from the humble Impreza and evolve into a standalone model built on Subaru’s rallying legacy.

2022 will bring the first series-produced electric Subaru, a model simply listed as “EV” in the leaked slide. What form the car will take is anyone’s guess. It could be the crossover the company is jointly developing with Toyota, or it could be something else entirely. With that said, it’s too early to tell whether it will be sold in America.

At the other end of the Subaru spectrum, the WRX will be joined by the STI in fall 2022, a few months after the Legacy, the Outback, and the Ascent receive a mid-cycle update. The next-generation Impreza is tentatively due out in early 2023, so likely as a 2024 model, and it will again spawn a new Crosstrek that should appear in showrooms at about the same time. We hear the hatchback might not return to American shores, meaning the Impreza might be sold only as a sedan, and motorists who don’t want a trunk will be directed to the Crosstrek.

Speaking of, the next-generation Crosstrek will get a Wilderness Edition shortly after it goes on sale. As we’ve mentioned above, we’re not sure what the package will consist of, though we’re hoping it will be worth the wait.

Subaru hasn’t commented on the slide’s authenticity, but it looks like the real deal, and executives are understandably keeping their product plans under wraps for the time being. An interesting point to keep in mind is that the slide announces cars that have been on dealer lots for over a year, so odds are it was published in early 2019. We don’t need to tell you what’s happened globally since last year, and the crippling effect it’s had on the car industry, so remember the dates listed on the slide and in this story might have changed in the past few months.  

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