2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer reveal being teased on social media

A few days ago, Jeep posted a somewhat cryptic teaser image to Twitter with a dictionary definition of the word “grand.” No images or details were given with it, but it was obviously hinting at a new vehicle release coming up. Now we know that they weren’t talking Grand Cherokee, but rather the long-anticipated 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

The confirmation comes from the latest tweet from the company featuring two images. One is of a starter button, and the other is of a badge showing just the last few letters of a badge followed by an American flag. The “EER” of the badge makes it obvious what the new SUV is.

Though the teasers don’t give us much to go on for how the SUV looks, we have a few years of rumors and spy photos to lean on. The first confirmation of the Grand Wagoneer came roughly half a decade ago in Fiat-Chrysler product plans, with a target launch of 2018. That was quite obviously delayed. The company eventually confirmed that the Grand Wagoneer would be a full-size SUV built in the same plant as then all-new Ram 1500, which suggested it would be derived from the pickup. Spy shots of an oddly short Ram 1500 supported this theory.

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