Dust storm shuts down Arizona highway in video

Eyewitnesses capture video from inside of a car and on a dairy farm during a dust storm that hit Arizona on Sunday.

Graham Matthews, who was driving home to Phoenix with his wife and two children on Interstate 10 after vacationing in Tombstone for the weekend, took the video at around 5.30 p.m. around the city of Eloy after stopping his car for safety.

Videos taken by Matthews showed the sky in a dramatic orange color and several other stationary vehicles waiting for the storm to pass, as well as tumbleweed hitting the side of his car.

“My wife had to climb into the back seat to comfort my 8-year-old twins who were scared,” said Matthews, who added that it was his first encounter with a dust storm.

Meanwhile a member of staff at the Du-Brook Dairy farm located in Casa Grande captured on camera the dust storm at its peak, scaring cows at the farm with its gusty winds and collapsing one shelter, with no injuries reported.

The National Weather Service issued a hazardous alert for Casa Grande and Eloy areas of Arizona, warning drivers of a storm causing near zero visibility until 6:15 p.m. local time.

Local media reported that Phoenix saw two walls of dust converging as the city’s temperature soared to 115 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

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