‘Dirt 5’ trailer shows off gymkhana, race course creator

“Dirt 5” is shaping up to be an exciting new entry in the off-road racing series. With the original announcement trailer, a wide array of cars tracks and features were shown off. The newest feature, revealed during the Gamescom streaming conference, is the ability to create your own stadium race courses.

The mode is called playgrounds, and gives you a big arena to devise your own course. While the overall size may seem a bit small in comparison to other racing games route creators, such as those in “Forza Horizon,” the difference here is the wide array of obstacles and game mechanics you can drop in. The trailer shows loops, jumps, bumps, half pipes and all kinds of stuff to smash through, from hay bales to bowling pins. There are plenty of objects for decorating your course, too.

Your creations can be used in different racing modes. Gymkhana is one of the obvious ones, since you can have all kinds of stunt obstacles for earning and chaining points. Then there’s the Gate Crasher mode that’s a bit like an autocross, challenging you to race through a tight course and hit all the gates in the fastest time. Then there’s Smash Attack where instead of running through gates or doing stunts, you’re trying to break boxes on the course.

Once you’ve built your dream course, you can upload it to the web for other people to try out. And of course, you can download other people’s designs in turn.

Finally, the trailer ends with a teaser for a multiplayer mode called Vampire. The lighting makes it look kind of creepy, but it doesn’t reveal much. Presumably it involves some kind of cat-and-mouse pursuit racing, with people trying to escape whomever is the vampire. We’ll be interested to see more.

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