Shoreham welcomes back traders to socially-distanced car auction halls

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) has welcomed physical buyers back to socially-distanced auction halls after preparing its locations to limit COVID-19 transmission.

SVA’s working environment at its auction halls has been signed off by Aviva insurance and overseen by the local constabulary.

The business has welcomed back 50 account customers so far, but will remain shut for private buyers.

While physical buyers remain off limits to many auctions, turning their back on physical buyers attending sales has never been part of SVA’s agenda, according to managing director Alex Wright.

He said: “When we spoke to buyers post lockdown it was obvious that a large percentage wanted to come back into the halls.

“We started planning our road back to normality based on their feedback.

“The response has been very positive, and I know we have attracted scores of buyers from other auctions that are only currently trading online.”

Wright said NAMA graded vehicle appraisals have been integral to the successful re-opening of SVA.

He also said 94% of all vehicle purchases are being delivered to buyers within 48 hours and sales are attracting around 120 online buyers for each sale, alongside the 50 physical account customers.

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