The MOST Beautiful Police Car Of ALL-TIME? This One Would Make James Bond Jealous!

The GTE was the first production 2+2 from Maranello, offering the ultimate GT experience to a discerning clientele that needed to travel with speed, comfort and all the flair the prancing horse could offer. Development started in 1959 from the successful 250 long wheelbase chassis that was widened in order to guarantee a roomier cabin. For the same reason, the notorious Colombo engine was moved forward and an elegant body was commissioned from Pininfarina. The car was a commercial success with three different series evolving over 4 years of production.

The Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2

Unveiled at the 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans where it was the course marshal’s car, the 250 GTE 2+2 would become one of Ferraris most popular and successful models, combining all of the essential ingredients a Ferrari should have, a front-mounted V12 engine and ladder-frame chassis, all cloaked in a timelessly elegant Pininfarina body.

The Ferrari 250 GTE Polizia

Squealing tyres, crashing bumpers and screaming engines, this was Italian crime in the 1960’s.
Italy saw most crime end with a car chase in the 1960’s, with the criminals racing to escape the Polizia in the fastest way possible. Italy’s Police force had previously used black Alfa Romeo 1900’s, nicknamed Pantera, but as criminals got faster, so did the Police with sportier green Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 saloons.

One of Italy’s most revered and successful Police officers was Armando Spatafora who was based in Rome. When asked “What do you need to be complete?” Spatafora replied “What could be better than a Ferrari?” to which he was told “A Ferrari you will have then”.

The one and only Ferrari 250 GTE used by Rome’s Police from 1963 to 1968?Undisputed identity and originality?Ferrari Classiche Certified, fully matching numbers

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