Will We Get To A Point In Auto Tech Where Car Companies Bring Back ANALOG GAUGES As An OPTION? And Do YOU Think It Would Be POPULAR?

I remember seeing the Tesla screen for the first time and thinking to myself WOW, everyone is going to want one in their car someday.

Fast forward to seeing the latest generation Audi A8. My first impression was not holy crap, this thing looks like a 70’s Lincoln or Buick. YES, I did think that and also what the hell were they thinking. It’s lame.

But the thing that stuck out as the most objectionable to me was OMG, there are TEN screens too many in this car. Holy OVERBOARD. And not GOOD overboard like in the Tesla.

00R will tell you no one digs tech more than me but I’m a former Apple employee and I like my tech simple, yet compelling. Not like the faceplates/interfaces of 70’s Japanese component stereo systems.

For me the A8 was just too much and impossible to figure out or know where to focus. I kind of felt that way as well after seeing the new Grand Wagoneer concept interior. More screens than humans should be allowed to have.

And I get WHY they’re doing it. They’re DESPERATE trying to out Tesla, Tesla.

As a former Apple guy let me give them some advice. You won’t beat them with better/more HARDWARE, you can only do it through SOFTWARE.

But back to my theme…Do you think will this nuclear arms race style competition for more screens and tech in cars that somehow a genius in tandem move, would be to offer a great ‘Analog Gauge Option’?

And if they started doing this, would people not only GO for it, would the pay EXTRA to have it?

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