Lucid Motors electric SUV teaser photos

Tonight, Lucid Motors finally unveiled the production version of its Air electric luxury sedan. That’s all really impressive, and you can read more about that in the reveal post, but it’s not all Lucid showed us. We also got a pretty decent look at the company’s next vehicle, an all-electric SUV, in the teaser photos you see above.  

Yesterday, we saw a single image, courtesy of Lucid’s twitter account, that showed just a corner of the SUV in the foreground with the Air sedan in the background. Now we have more photos, some with the vehicle fully in frame, others focusing on details, and all in that same dusky light of the picture that was tweeted earlier.

We like what we see so far. It looks to sport a two-tone exterior in metallic shades, with the pillars and roof a lighter color then the bulk of the body. We also see that lighter color repeated on the door sills, on a trim piece across the rear and perhaps on the wheel spokes. The door handles are flush with the body, and the thin headlights mimic the eyes of the Air. This prototype is also sporting a roof box that appears to mirror the vehicle’s two-tone finish. It’s fetching in that California twilight, but we can wait until this SUV sees the light of day so we can further scrutinize it.

Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson earlier confirmed that the Air’s platform would underpin the SUV, and that Lucid expects SUV production to begin in early 2023. And that platform is impressive. The air boasts up to 1,080 horsepower from a two electric motors, and an estimated driving range of 517 miles from its 113-kilowatt-hour battery. Its 900-volkt battery architecture also means exceptionally fast charging times, adding 300 miles of range in 20 minutes on a 350-kW DC charger.

If the rollout of the Air was any indication, we can expect numerous images and details to trickle out ahead of the Lucid SUV’s official unveiling. Lucid is also planning additional models for the future, including a possible pickup truck. We’ll keep you posted.

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