Nissan confirms manual transmission in Z Proto video

Nissan is marching on with its teaser campaign for the Z Proto that will be fully revealed on September 15. Today, Nissan has confirmed in a YouTube video that it will feature a manual transmission.

The video pans sideways to a manual gear lever, then the driver slots it into first gear. So there you have it! The next-gen Z will definitely come with a manual transmission, which, in case you were missing the theme here, is a great thing. It also has a manual emergency brake, a feature slowly (and sadly) being replaced by electric parking brakes in other models.

Nissan threw us a few more bones in this latest teaser. For one, we can hear the engine as it revs away in the video. It sounds like a V6, and our ears are also picking up on it being turbocharged. The intel we gained at the beginning of this year suggests both those assumptions are true, as sources revealed to us that the next-gen Z would feature a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6. Those same sources also suggested it’d be offered with a manual transmission and feature retro styling, both of which appear to be on the table.

Some design elements are teased, too. We get to see where Nissan has stuck a few Z badges. Locations include the sill plates, behind the gear lever and on the brake calipers. The intriguing lights have already been shown, but we’re still digging the retro vibes they suggest.

To see the full reveal, tune in on September 15 at 8:30 p.m. ET. And watch out in the meantime, because we wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan has another teaser or two left to drop on us before next week.

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