2021 BMW M3 and M4 get a bevy of M Performance Part add-ons

The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are definitely tailored for those looking to make a splash wherever they go. However, the base car can already be made flashier with a full catalog of BMW M Performance Parts released alongside the sedan and coupe. Many of the parts are purely aesthetic-driven, but some of them offer tangible performance or general driving enjoyment improvements.

Beginning with the functional parts, we now know the full story behind that wild central exhaust setup we spied a short time ago. It’s a lightweight titanium exhaust system that takes about 11 pounds out of the stock exhaust. BMW engineered it such that the drive mode controls still adjust sound output by controlling the flaps in the system. But, it’s louder than standard, and BMW says it flows better than the stock exhaust. BMW doesn’t offer much explanation for the stacked design, but the ceramic-coated titanium tips are certainly exotic in appearance.

In addition to the exhaust system, BMW is offering an M Performance coilover suspension. It’s between 5 and 20 mm lower (you can adjust the setting) than the stock suspension. BMW claims reduced roll and higher cornering speeds in addition to the lower center of gravity. It was developed on racetracks and is designed to excel at the limit, so consider it if you plan on spending much time on the track.

Another track enhancement to consider are the M Performance brake pads. They offer shorter stopping distances, higher thermal resistance and “better response characteristics” than the stock pads, according to BMW. Just like the suspension, BMW says their behavior is optimized to work best on the track.

Three new performance wheel options are available, all staggered setups. The 19/20-inch setup is the lightest, and is designed for reduced air resistance. But the 20/21-inch wheels in gold are the eye-catching ones — these are also available in black. If for whatever reason you need wheels that accept snow chains, M Performance has made a non-staggered 19-inch set for such an event.

Most of the added flair we mentioned before comes from the extensive set of carbon fiber appearance parts. We’ll list all the parts available in carbon for you: front splitter, aero flicks, side “air breathers,” side skirts, rear winglets, spoiler or massive wing (get a load of that dinner table) and a diffuser. And don’t worry, not pictured here are big M-colored decals that you can apply to the body sides.

As for the interior, you can apply carbon fiber and Alcantara throughout. The door sills (carbon), floor mats (M colors with colored stitching) and interior trim (carbon) can all be enhanced by M. An M Performance steering wheel is covered in Alcantara with a blue 12 o’clock marker and can be upgraded with carbon paddle shifters and carbon trim. You can even upgrade the center console kneepads to Alcantara. To round it all off, BMW M has created unique LED door light projectors to project the M logo and other M Performance logos onto the ground.

All of these upgrades will be available at market launch for the 2021 M3 and M4, which is currently set for March 2021.

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