2020 Mercedes AMG G 63 Driveway Test | Options, prices, photos, impressions

A 2020 Mercedes-AMG G 63 starts at $157,445 with the $995 destination fee included. We recently had a tester with a sticker price that came to a whopping $182,545. Sure, it’s an expensive SUV, and when you’re starting north of $150,000, hundreds matter little. But just how do you add more than $25,000 to an already ostentatious — perhaps even over-the-top — luxury off-roader?

Here, we break down the options list for this bad boy. Only individual customers can decide which of these are worth the extra cost to them, but we can offer some insight into what we think about it, having seen them all in person.

G Manufaktur Jupiter Red: $6,500

This is a remarkably beautiful red, and it pairs well with the black elsewhere on the vehicle. It’s not a metallic color, and there’s not any true depth to speak of like in Mazda’s beautiful-in-its-own-way Soul Red Crystal. But this does reflect the world around it in interesting ways, giving the color a livelihood beyond its mere brightness of hue. We liked looking at this one close-up, as you can see the texture of the paint and get a sense of the quality in its application.

$6,500 is a lot to pay for an exterior paint color option, especially since it’s available on lesser Mercedes (you’re paying for the exclusive, custom selection rather than the paint itself). That said, it looks exceptionally nice on the broad, flat surfaces of this G-Wagen compared to the smaller, swoopier exteriors of other cars.

Black Leather w/Contrast Stitching in Red: No charge

There are a number of seat and stitching colors that can be had for no extra cost when you get one of the G Manufaktur interior packages.

AMG Carbon Fiber Trim: $3,700

Of the seven trim options, there are two that cost extra. The G Manufaktur Natural Grain Black-Flamed Ash Wood is $1,300, and this carbon weave is $3,700. If you have to have carbon to complete the look of your build, you can get it, but that price is a hard one to swallow.

AMG Silver Painted Brake Calipers: No charge

They’re subtle under the black wheels. Go for it.

AMG Carbon Fiber Engine Cover: $1,500

You can get part of the engine cover in the carbon weave to match your interior, but literally nobody needs this. The only way this could ever be cool is if this is going be garaged for 25 years until the next generation comes out, then trotted out as a dedicated show car. Don’t do that. No matter what, this piece will just make you look like a sucker too easily parted from your money.

Heated Steering Wheel: $250

Hey, that’s actually kind of reasonable if you’re prone to cold hands.

AMG Performance Steering Wheel in Dinamica/Carbon Fiber: $900

This is the centerpiece of the carbon fiber theme. It looks cool, but we prefer a leather to the feel of the microfiber on the steering wheel. Our hands kept gravitating to the smoother parts with the carbon under it, despite the inferior hand positioning.

Leather Grab Handles: $550


AMG Top Speed Delimiter (149 mph): $2,200

Again, really? 137 mph is too slow for your big, boxy ute? You want to spend over two grand to go 12 mph faster? When/where/how will you ever need that?

22-Inch Forged AMG Cross-Spoke Wheels, Black: $4,450

We love the look of these gigantic wheels, but $4,450 is a lot. It’s a great way to round out the look on a red G 63, though, but it requires the purchase of the Night Package detailed below.

AMG Night Package: $1,950

  • Exterior Mirrors, Spare Wheel Cover Ring and Trim Elements in Bumper Painted in Obsidian Black
  • Black Brush Guard
  • AMG-Specific Radiator Grille in Gunmetal Grey
  • Tinted Front Indicator Lights
  • Tinted Headlights and Taillights

This package is forced upon you when you opt for those 22-inch black wheels, but as far as G-Class options go, this one’s pretty sane. Again, it looks cool with the red exterior.

G Manufaktur Interior Package: $3,100

  • AMG Nappa Leather
  • Nappa Leather Dashboard
  • AMG Badging in Headrests and Floormats
  • Active Multicontour Front Seats with Massage
  • Rapid Heating/Ventilated Front Seats
  • Badge on Passenger Grab Handle

This one’s worth it. The leather is really nice, the seats comfortable, and you can keep cool in your ventilated seats when you’re blasting across sand dunes idling in your child’s school parking lot. The G Manufaktur badge on the “Oh sh–!” handle in front of the passenger is a subtly cool touch.

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