2021 Lexus UX 250h Black Line Special Edition revealed

Lexus just found a way to make the UX 250h look even more like a regular hatchback. It’s called the 2021 Lexus UX Black Line Special Edition, and it follows the path of previous Lexus Black Line models before it (ES, GS, RC). We’ll note that this special edition is based on the hybrid version of the UX, and isn’t available with the standard gasoline engine variant.

The body-color fenders stand out the most. Instead of ruggedized black plastic, Lexus is painting them in the same color as the rest of the body. Lexus’ UX was already one of the most car-like of the tiny crossover class, and eliminating the ugly crossover-like fenders brings it even deeper into hatchback territory. By painting them the same color as the body, it tricks the eye into thinking the car is hunkered down lower to the ground. The gloss black side sills and lower trim bring it down even further visually. Now, Lexus didn’t actually lower the UX, but this package makes it feel much less like a crossover. When painted, the flared fenders even come across as sporty, wider hips. We really dig the look.

The gorgeous Grecian Water (blue) paint only improves the situation further. You can also get the Black Line model in Caviar and Eminent White Pearl — all three colors get the same body-color fenders. Every UX Black Line also gets 18-inch black-painted wheels with black lug nuts, black grille surround, black side mirrors, black roof rails and darkened headlight fixtures.

On the inside, you’ll be able to choose between a black or “birch” leather package. Both get blue accents throughout. You’ll see blue on the seats, center armrest, doors, dashboard, seatbelts, cargo mats and even the key gloves. When you buy one of these UX Black Lines, you’ll also get a custom Zero Halliburton luggage set with Lexus branding on the two pieces.

Lexus says it’s only making 1,000 of these UX Black Line Special Edition cars. They’ll go on sale in spring of 2021, with pricing available sooner to the on-sale date.

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