These flights are taking off with no destination in mind

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Transcript: Flights to nowhere. With the COVID-19 pandemic entering its 8th month, the amount of people flying has dropped significantly. This not only halts travel, but also hurts the financial infrastructure of aviation. To combat this, a few airlines across the globe are now offering “flights to nowhere,” in which passengers buy a ticket and enjoy a flight to literally nowhere. According to CNN, the first of these “nowhere flights” was introduced by Taiwanese Airline EVA Air. The flights took 3 hours, circling the skies for Father’s Day in a Hello Kitty themed plane. Many airlines are now following suit, like Australian airline Qantas who sold out of their “flight to nowhere” in 10 minutes, according to CNN. The flights feature 7 hours of scenic views of the gold coast and the great barrier reef. One issue that emerges from these “flight to nowhere” trips is that the planes still create carbon emissions and thus, damage the environment. According to VICE, the international air transport association predicts international travel will not reach normal levels until 2023. Would you take one of these “flights to nowhere?”

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