GMC Hummer EV will be unveiled during the World Series and ‘The Voice’

A big-time vehicle reveal deserves a prime-time multi-platform debut. At least, that seems to be the opinion of the folks tasked with reintroducing the American public on October 20 to the Hummer nameplate, this time affixed to pickups and SUVs that also wear General Motors‘ “Professional Grade” GMC badge. And instead of a standalone brand with dealerships full of gas-guzzling off-road beasts, this new, kinder, gentler and fully electric Hummer won’t sip any gas at all.

The debut will take place across several channels. As has been the de facto process during the pandemic, the event will be streamed online. But — taking a page from the reveal of the Ford Bronco this past July — it will also be witnessed by watchers of the World Series on Fox and “The Voice” on NBC (at least those who are watching live and aren’t skipping commercials). Interestingly, according to The Detroit News the television segments will be spread across multiple commercial breaks as sort of a mini film.

Naturally, we’ll be covering the unveiling live right here on Autoblog, and we’d argue that’s the best place to see it all unfold (we admit we may be biased). In any case, no matter where you watch you’ll be treated to a host of details about what GMC is calling “the world’s first super truck.” We know it’ll boast 1,000 horsepower, go from 0-60 in around 3 seconds, have the next generation of GM’s Super Cruise autonomy technology, have removable roof panels and be able to crab walk.

Sounds pretty super to us, and we’re looking forward to the full reveal in just a couple of weeks. See you then.

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