Chevrolet Corvette production halted due to COVID issues

Production of C8 Chevrolet Corvette has been halted for a week due to a supply chain issue brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, GM confirmed.

The work stoppage was originally reported by on Thursday. Reached for comment, a GM spokesperson confirmed that the hiatus is expected to only last the week, with production resuming on Monday, Oct. 19. 

The original report implied that GM could continue to produce the mid-engine Corvette without the parts reportedly in short supply, suggesting that the missing component is either part of a package or potentially even a standalone upgrade. However, that doesn’t seem to mesh with GM’s decision to hold off producing any C8 Corvettes at all for an entire week.

“We’re not going to get into specifics related to the parts involved,” GM’s spokesperson said, when asked to elaborate on the nature of the component(s) in question. 

Earlier this year, Chevrolet had to discontinue some of its carbon fiber exterior trim offerings “[d]ue to an inadequate supply of parts.” Customers who had ordered the Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects (5VM) package were told that their cars would not come so-equipped. 

The good news for potential C8 buyers is that the carbon fiber trim supply issues are expected to be rectified in time for 2021 model year production, which will begin some time next year. GM has already committed to extending 2020 model year production into December in order to mitigate the delays and inventory shortages brought on by both the UAW strike last fall and the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. 

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