Rolls-Royce design team renders winners to children’s design contest

Back in April, Rolls-Royce put out a call to action to kids around the world. The British luxury carmaker wanted to see children design their dream Rolls-Royce of the future. The motivation for doing so? Winners get to enjoy a chauffeur-driven ride to school in a Rolls-Royce with a friend of their choice. Not a bad prize for a kid who is obsessed with cars.

It’s been a few months now, and Rolls-Royce has selected a number of winners. Rolls-Royce ended up slotting all the entries into four categories: Technology, Environment, Fantasy and Fun. That means there are four winners, but three other ideas were so good that Rolls gave them “Highly Commended” awards.

Rolls-Royce said it received submissions that were inspired by unicorns, space travel, bumblebees, Pablo Picasso and the Egyption pyramids. After selecting all the winners and “highly commended” entries, Rolls-Royce had its design team transform the drawings into digitally-rendered illustrations. They used the same software and processes that they’d use when working on an actual Rolls-Royce design.

You can click through the winners in the gallery at the top, or scroll down below to see them all, along with their corresponding descriptions.


Technology: Bluebird II

Rolls-Royce is back to breaking world speed records!

Environment: The Capsule

For Earth lovers and those that have peoples’ health at heart.

Fantasy: Turtle Car

Inspired by sea and land turtles, the Turtle Car can transport patrons not only by sea and land but by air too.

Fun: Glow

A dream for the future. This timeless Rolls-Royce demonstrates the full spectrum of creative vision.

Highly Commended:


The Pinnacle of Intergalactic Space Travel


The Rolls-Royce Prosperity is only for the most exacting patrons, who believe ease of travel should never be compromised.

House of Esperanto

This ultimate flying machine can communicate with every creature and combines all the convenience of a house with the mobility of a car. The ground-breaking technology that allows this development is brought to humanity by a mysterious bird that has been living in outer space for a million years.

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