Audi TT RS 40 Years of Quattro gets fierce body, limited production

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its all-wheel-drive system, Audi has created a special edition of the Audi TT RS. And it’s appropriately, if not imaginatively, called the TT RS 40 Years of Quattro (or 40 Jahre Quattro in the original German). It takes the already extreme sports coupe and adds wilder visuals and an extremely limited production run to make a very special car.

The most obvious change to the outside is the color scheme. The car and its wheels are painted white with red, black and silver hash marks, “Quattro” logos and black rocker panels that echo the Audi Quattro Coupe rally cars of the 1980s. A new hood vent, front splitter, front canards, side skirts, rear diffuser and larger rear wing add more visual punch and provide a bit more downforce.

The interior is spruced up with black leather and Alcantara with white stitching and some embroidery in the seatbacks. The shifter surround is painted to match the exterior. A rear seat delete option is available, which also adds a big carbon fiber chassis brace. This option reduces weight by 35 pounds and provides more chassis rigidity.

Mechanically, this TT RS is unchanged. It has the same turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder that makes 394 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. But it does drop its standard top-speed limiter, so now it can reach 174 mph.

In keeping with the “40” theme, only 40 examples of this TT RS will be built. They’ll carry a high price, too, at 114,040 Euros, which converts to $133,649.

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