Tesla kills seven-day return policy

Back in February of 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally announced that the long-anticipated $35,000 Model 3 was officially available for order (note that the cheapest Model 3 currently available to order from Tesla’s website today is $37,990). At the same time, he unveiled a seven-day return policy. As long as the car still had less than 1,000 miles on the odometer, a buyer could choose to give the car back to Tesla any time during the first week of ownership, no questions asked. That is apparently no longer the case.

Direct your internet browser over to www.tesla.com/support/tesla-return-policy and you’ll be redirected to the main support page instead of the page you’d expect that describes an impressive and industry-leading return policy. Electrek points out that the page used to have the following text:

“Owning a Tesla vehicle means you are driving one of the most advanced, best performing and safest vehicles available. We are confident that you will feel great about your new vehicle, and so are giving you time to experience and enjoy your new Tesla. Subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, if you are unhappy with your vehicle, you may return it to us within seven (7) calendar days.”

Apparently, customers that are unhappy with their new electric cars will now be directed to Tesla’s service department. It’s not clear how many owners took advantage of Tesla’s used-to-be-generous seven-day policy, but we do know that JD Power’s latest Initial Quality survey found Tesla in last place. In any case, buyers can reportedly still refuse delivery of their new Tesla if it doesn’t meet their standards.

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