RAIN ON THE PARADE! Has THIS Issue Caused You GRIEF On YOUR Honda Or A Friends?

This was experienced by an old friend in Canada.

Have you or a friend has this issue and had your parade rained on?

“When a Feature ain’t a Benefit!

My Honda Civic has a feature that can’t be turned off or disengaged (according to those who are knowledgeable in Honda Canada).
Upon pressing the remote door opener in a certain way, it lowers all the windows (allegedly to air out the car as one approaches it on a hot day).  Unfortunately, sitting with the keys in my back pocket can accidentally cause the same result.

I first discovered this “feature” when I came out to get in the car one morning after an all night rainstorm . . . and found all the windows down and the seats soaked. I hadn’t been told about this when I was receiving the “here’s what you need to know about your car” presentation when I picked it up.

After numerous calls to Honda, and explaining the situation several times, the final determination was that this feature cannot be turned off.  That is at least good to know, provided I remember to change a 50 year habit of keeping the keys in my back pocket–which I tend to sit on!

The funny (or not so funny) time this seems to occur is ONLY when it’s pouring rain and I’m hunkered down in the house for the evening.  Coincidence? Perhaps not!

This morning, I received a phone call from my wife and daughter as they were heading out for the day. They commented (without a great deal of sympathy in their coordinated voices–perhaps even with a mirthful tone) that my windows were down and that the inside was soaking wet. Yet again!

I’m sure the folks at Honda thought they were designing a great feature into the car. Unfortunately, it is of no benefit to me (the hapless customer) and there is no way to turn it off. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere for all of us!”

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