2021 Ram 1500 fuel economy figures announced

Ram published many statistics when it introduced the 1500 TRX, but one part of the puzzle was missing: fuel economy. It finally released those figures, and they confirm that supercar-like power brings supercar-like thirst.

Driven with a light right foot, the TRX returns 10 mpg in the city, 14 mpg on the highway, and 12 mpg combined. It’s the least efficient Hellcat-powered model; Jeep’s Grand Cherokee Trackhawk scores 13 mpg combined, while Dodge’s Charger and Challenger post 15. Figures for the Durango haven’t been published yet, but there’s no reason to think it will use more gas than the TRX. At 12 combined, the truck is about on par with the Lamborghini Aventador S.

On the surface, that’s not great. Keep in mind the mighty TRX was developed for off-road performance, however, and we doubt fuel economy entered the equation at all. It’s a body-on-frame truck powered by a 6.2-liter V8 supercharged to 702 horsepower, it has mammoth 35-inch all-terrain tires to push around, and it weighs 6,350 pounds. Viewed in this light, 12 mpg is actually shockingly decent. Conversely, the folks who designed the Toyota Prius weren’t concerned about its water fording ability, its approach angle, or its zero-to-60-mph time.

Motorists who place fuel efficiency at the very top of their priorities list have a growing list of excellent options to choose from, even if they’re in the market for a pickup. At the other end of the Ram spectrum, the rear-wheel drive 1500 posts figures of 23, 33, and 26, respectively, when it’s equipped with the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6.

The TRX starts at $71,690 including destination, and it will arrive in showrooms later in 2020.

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