Blipshift starts its 3-day Automn sale right now

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Blipshift is back again for another 3-day “Automn” sale! If you somehow don’t know Blipshift by now, it’s time to get familiar. The brand offers brand new, limited-run, car-based T-shirt designs every few days and Autoblog has been collaborating with and fawning over them for years. We always end up being impressed with the designs offered by the undisputed pun champions of automotive-inspired apparel, and this sale is no different. In addition to tees, you’ll also find things like Apple Watch bands, Lugcraft drinkware, and even face masks for sale. Check out some of our favorite designs below.

Hot Hatch III – $15 at

There are tons of great designs in this latest drop, but this might be our favorite thanks to the Grand Theft Auto(mn) inspiration. Like Blipshift, we’re pretty big fans of bringing together the automotive and gaming worlds as well. In fact, we do it twice a week during our racing game live streams on Twitch. This shirt takes the classic GTA cover design but tweaks it and replaces the main characters that are usually featured with nothing but GTIs. It’s an awesome design and you can pick it up here for just $15.

Boosts Per Minute – $15 at

If your heart was a turbocharger, beats per minute would become a lot less relevant. That’s the concept behind this awesome Boosts Per Minute tee. Blipshift’s description of this design is classically great as well, stating that “any car-diologist knows the importance of regulating proper breathing. After all, forced induction can be found at the heart of a lot of performance. Whether you take boost in the form of caffeine or adrenaline, make sure you give yourself time to spool back down too.” Check out the limited-time design right here.

Essential Transmission II – $15 at

Many of us here at Autoblog are big proponents of the “save the manuals” movement, so we were thrilled to see that Blipshift is also down for the cause, stating that “now, more than ever, we gotta to stick together and gear up. United, we can clutch victory from the hands of defeat and save the shift! Or, start hoarding manuals…” So, do the right thing, people. Save the shift! And while you’re at it, check out this shirt about it, too.

What The Shift IV – $15 at

Speaking of saving the manuals, here’s another great shift-focused design. The description for this tee paints an anxiety-inducing, but not uncommon picture. “You know when you’re on a good drive. Perfectly clipping apexes, rev matching downshifts and carrying momentum. Nothing ruins the rhythm quite like an unexpected surprise around the bend. Heel-toe is pretty useful to know but the clutch-brake is of utmost importance.” Here’s hoping your drives stay surprise-free

Apple Watch Straps – $15 at

This one is for the Apple Watch users out there. If you’ve struggled to find a watch band that fits your personality, the selection available for the Automn sale could be right up your alley. Much like their tees, these watch bands come in tons of automotive-inspired designs, perfect for the gear head in all of us. You can see the whole selection right here

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