Mini SE art car painted in The Flash superhero livery

What better superhero to put on an electric car than The Flash? Admittedly, the speedy superhero may be a better fit for the Porsche Taycan Turbo or Tesla Model S Performance, but a Mini SE is a fine option itself. The Mini flashes through corners instead of the quarter mile. There, we made it work.

Mini has decided to attend the international comics, gaming, animation and fantasy fair, Lucca Changes 2020, with this art car. This year, the fair is completely online. The author who made this art car is Carmine di Giandomenico. He’s an Italian cartoonist who actually made 34 issues of The Flash. Obviously, he had an idea of what he was doing going into this project. Previous to this project, he earned the nickname of “fastest cartoonist in the world” when he drew 56 comic tables in 48 hours.

The work of art drawn on this Mini is meant to be a recreation of the cover for Issue 123 originally drawn by Carmine Infantino. Very few details of the actual process were detailed by Mini, but it’s said to have taken di Giandomenico just 10 hours to complete it from start to finish using a “mixed technique.” That tracks with the speeds at which he typically completes his drawings. Art cars can take days to create depending on their complexity, but this is not one of those.

As we look at the number of photos provided, “The Flash” is the main event along the sides of the Mini. Lightning arcs up and down and front to back. The lightning bolt symbol on the hood is the same as what you’ll see on The Flash’s chest. It all fits quite nicely with the electric Mini’s persona. Now, if Mini can just find a way to harness The Flash’s power to increase the car’s 110-mile range on a full charge …

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