Amazon driver drives onto golf course, gets van stuck

Photo Credit: Bill Offer, Boulder Pointe Golf Club


Looks like Amazon drivers will literally deliver your packages wherever you tell them to. Common sense be damned, they’re going to follow the navigation system no matter what. At least, that’s what this Amazon delivery driver’s excuse is for driving onto a golf course and wedging his van inside of a low-hanging golf cart tunnel.

MLive originally reported the mishap, as an unnamed (probably to protect their dignity) Amazon driver got stuck in between the clubhouse and the third nine at Boulder Pointe Golf Club in Oxford, Michigan. Bill Offer, outside services supervisor for the course, took the photos and chatted to MLive about witnessing the incident.

“He said his GPS led him there. It’s too funny. It really is,” Offer said.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and a tow truck were called to disentangle the mess. Both photos show that the delivery van was at least a foot too tall to fit underneath the tunnel. The driver must’ve been approaching the tunnel at a pretty decent clip to get it wedged in there hard enough that a tow truck was necessary. Guess they didn’t have a maximum height warning sign on that tunnel for the driver to pay attention to.

We’re sure you’re all particularly worried about everybody’s goods on the stuck Amazon van, but let us put those worries to rest, because Amazon sent out a second van and supervisor to transfer everything from one van to the other. These people paid for Prime delivery, and they’re going to get it.

Offer said the scene was fully cleared after an hour and a half.

“People are making jokes online like, ‘So that’s where my golf clubs went.’ But everyone is OK. It was quite funny.”

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