Andy DiBrino’s HooliGhana shows plenty of motorcycle and car drifting stunts

If you’ve ever watched Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana videos and thought, “This would be better with motorcycles,” Andy DiBrino’s HooliGhana is for you. DiBrino is two-time RSD Super Hooligan national champion and winner of the 2019 Nitro Games Super Hooligan flat track competition. These are dirt-track skirmishes similar to Outlaw or Legends races, but with two wheels instead of four.

However, DiBrino has taken his bike drifting skills to the pavement, showing incredible skill controlling his modified 2019 KTM 790 Duke with trademark zebra paint job. The Gymkhana videos, which started with a Subaru, then got Ford sponsorship, and now are passing the torch back to Subaru with Travis Pastrana at the helm, have garnered worldwide fame with its insane car stunts. DiBrino hopes to do the same for bike drifting.

HooliGhana shows just how insanely deft DiBrino is at sliding his motorcycle through decreasing radius spiral lined with cans of Rockstar (because of course there would be an energy drink sponsor). There are plenty of other stunts as well, like drifting around a slow-moving scooter and along wide sweepers at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington.

But wait, there’s more. Partway through the video it cuts to a 1997 BMW 328is with DiBrino again behind the wheel. He then shows off his car drifting chops, which are even more impressive when you consider the fact that he’s only been sending four wheels sideways for four months.

According to Asphalt and Rubber, DiBrino was turned onto drifting when a local track of his accidentally double-booked his motorcycle track day with a drifting event. Seeing E36 BMWs and Nissan 240SX coupes sliding around, he was instantly hooked. Because the Super Hooligan calendar was cut short due to the COVID-10 pandemic, DiBrino spent his time practicing the art of the drift. Turns out, he was a natural, thanks to his 21 years of experience with dirt-track battles.

Drifting is hard enough in a car. Seems like it would be doubly difficult with half the number of wheels.

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