Lamborghini Huracan STO revealed as the ultimate road-legal Huracan

Mercedes-AMG just snagged the Nürburgring production car lap record from Lamborghini, but the Italians might already have an answer. It’s called the Lamborghini Huracán STO, with the STO being short for Super Trofeo Omologata. And yes, this one is even more extreme than the already bonkers Huracán Performante.

Lamborghini says two of its race cars inspired it to make this road-legal high-po Huracán — the Super Trofeo EVO and the GT3 EVO. As we’d expect, it’s still powered by the 5.2-liter V10. The good folks in Sant’Agata have found 10 more horses above the Performante, meaning the STO makes 640 horsepower. Torque sits at 417 pound-feet, which is actually down quite a bit from the 443 pound-feet of the Performante. There’s no lack of acceleration, though. Lamborghini claims a 0-62 mph time of 3.0 seconds and top speed of 192.6 mph. Those numbers are great, but they’re not what the STO is about. No, this Lamborghini was designed to set fast lap times, meaning aerodynamics and weight were the two key areas that were enhanced.

The STO is 95 pounds lighter than the already light Performante. We imagine the bulk of that can be attributed to Lamborghini making the STO rear-wheel drive, not all-wheel drive. Yes! A rear-drive Lamborghini — we love to see it. But there’s also a greater use of carbon fiber for exterior panels (75% are made of carbon now). Additionally, the windshield is 20% lighter than a Performante, and it’s riding on magnesium wheels as opposed to aluminum alloys wheels. On the inside, Lamborghini uses carbon fiber sport seats, full carbon door panels, removes the carpeting (replaced with bare carbon fiber) and coats other surfaces with its Alcantara-like Carbonskin. All this combined results in a car with a dry weight of 2,952 pounds.

Pushing it into the ground is an impressive downforce package. Lamborghini has added air ducts in the front hood for better airflow to the radiator and to generate downforce. A new front splitter better directs air to a totally new underbody meant to create greater downforce. And the front end’s new design better directs air around the front wheels to reduce drag. New front brake ducts enhance cooling to the improved “CCM-R” brakes (new design drawing on racing brakes for even more thermal durability than standard carbon ceramics). Lamborghini calls the new front end “cofango,” which is a fancy mashup of Italian for “hood” and “fender.”

The new rear fender design decreases overall drag, but a new NACA air intake integrated into the fender also serves as the engine’s intake. Lamborghini says this shortened duct allows for “a 30% decrease in status pressure losses.” A revised rear engine cover features another integrated air scoop for cooling purposes. There’s a shark fin on that rear cover that helps straighten and direct airflow to the wing, thereby increasing downforce in corners. Speaking of the giant wing, it’s a manually adjustable piece with three settings. Lamborghini didn’t quote any figures on total downforce, but it does say downforce is increased by 53% over the Performante, and “overall airflow efficiency” goes up by 37%.

Underneath, Lamborghini has increased the wheel track, fitted stiffer suspension bushings, model-specific anti-roll bars and its MagenRide 2.0 dampers. You get rear-wheel steering, a new fixed steering ratio and quicker gear changes from the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. A new “STO” drive mode is also available to select for enthusiastic road driving, but you’ll want Trofeo mode for the best track performance.

Lamborghini says the STO will go on sale in spring 2021, and prices will start around $328,000.


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