Sathya Kaushik

Hi, I am Sathya Kaushik. I am an Automotive Engineering master's at Clemson University. I am looking for internship/full-time opportunities in the Automotive industry focusing on Manufacturing & Quality.
You can find more info on my academic work, work experience and personal life here.

What I Do


I am proficient on CAD with SOLIDWORKS and NX. I can create parts, surfaces, assemblies, drawings and BOM. I can also perform 3D-Printing and program on G-Code.


I perform structural, thermal, modal, thermo-structural and buckling analysis using Ansys, Hyperworks and MATLAB.

Quality Control

I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and am proficient in creating Process flow diagrams, FMEA, Control Plans and implementing 5-S Principles.

NVH Testing and Analysis

I am experienced in modal analysis, order analysis, sound data analysis, road test, impact hammer testing using DAC's such as Mueller-BBM, PAK and SIEMENS. I can also post-process the data using SIEMENS Testlab and MATLAB.