Order Analysis

To accurately measure noise and vibration from different parts of the vehicle, understanding the different measurement tools and the techniques is important. Once the noise and vibrations are accurately measured, the components that are contributing to the noise can then be individually identified using order analysis.  In this project, I measured the noise and vibration […]

Road test to analyze real life NVH

When a car is in use, there can be noise and vibrations that enter the cabin from the car engines/moving parts, road and the environment around the car. While too much noise can be distracting, too little removes a critical piece of feedback for the driver and occupants. Hence, road tests for each type of […]

Modal Analysis of Honda Civic Chassis

Vehicles go through a lot of stress and vibrations during day to day use. Any vehicle’s frame should be able to take these without deforming and should retain the structural integrity of the vehicle. This project involved performing a modal analysis on a Honda civic body using shaker test to find the first bending, first torsion […]

Impact Hammer Testing

Each part in a vehicle goes through tremendous stress through their life cycle. All these parts have to be tested individually to ensure they are fit for use. To understand modal analysis, I picked vehicle disc rotors to perform Impact Hammer Testing. I used this test to understand the kind of hammer tips to use […]