Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Tested a Volvo S60 to analyze the VD performance of a vehicle. Operated the vehicle in Slalom Test, Emergency Lane change test, Understeer gradient- constant radius and constant speed. Instrumented the vehicle with LVDT, string potentiometer, encoder and accelerometers connected to SOMAT eDAQ. Analyzed how static and transient parameters affected vehicle dynamic characteristics like steering […]

Drivability Testing for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Performed drivability testing for an EV on a chassis dynamometer to assess factors like hesitation, stumble, bucking harshness, surge, VDV (Vibration Dose Value). Operated the vehicle for NYCC, US06 drive cycle, acceleration test, pedal crowd tests. Instrumented the vehicle with accelerometers, pedal position sensors & encoder connected to SoMat eDAQ for data acquisition. Processed the […]